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How can strangers quickly become friends? Or at least avoid being enemies?

On my way back from vacation, I passed through Miami International Airport. It's an enormous place, so I spent a half hour walking from one terminal to another.

A middle-aged TSA ...

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Why do smart, sane, honest people sometimes disagree no matter how hard they try to find the truth?

Name an issue:

  • Abortion
  • Feminism
  • Immigration
  • Islam
  • President Trump
  • Racism

My friends and I often have stark disagreements about those issues. But we're all decent, reasonable ...

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There are three kinds of people I like most in the world.

First, the ones who tell me how incredibly good-looking I am. Even though I worked on Capitol Hill, I still haven't met anyone who's able to lie that brazenly. But I can hope.

Second, the ones who make the sun shine brighter, make my heart sing, and, ahem, make my loins stir. ...

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We've probably all made the error of mistaking hate for logic.

Of course, we didn't realize it at the time. But that's what we were doing.

Yesterday's blog post got me thinking about the problem.

On my "Top 10" list of great people, I included the Byzantine Empress Theodora (497-548 CE). Most current historians think ...

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As an undergraduate mathematics major, I had to take three semesters of statistics.

I'm pretty good at mathematics, but statistics is a different animal. To adapt the famous last words of English actor Edmund Gwenn, "Mathematics is easy. Statistics is hard."

It ...

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In "Unbreakable" (2000), Bruce Willis played a middle-aged man who discovered that he was an invulnerable superhero.

Obviously, superhero movies require our suspension of disbelief.

In "Unbreakable," the hardest thing to believe was not that Willis's character was invulnerable, or that he had super strength. Those ...

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