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Why is common sense so uncommon?

I've been reading Robert Curry's excellent new book Reclaiming Common Sense.

It got me thinking about why I and many other people often lack common sense.

For example, in college ...

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Regardless of their political views, most Americans think that "fake news" is a real problem.

And it is. Often on purpose.

Partisans flood the media with so much disinformation that it's hard for anyone to know what's happening. Even the perpetrators themselves get lost in their own web of lies.

News media hacks don't ...

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Last time, I said that the main question of morality is not "what's right or wrong" but "what kind of people we choose to be."

At first glance, that statement seems absurd, bordering on offensive. Isn't morality all ...

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Some people might get mad at me for saying this, but I'm against kicking puppies.

I'm also against being mean to children and old people.

I like democracy but I agree with Winston Churchill that "it's the worst form of government except for all the others."

I believe that good deeds should be rewarded and evil deeds ...

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"Compare and contrast." It's a staple of essay questions on college final exams.

But be careful about applying it to life.

Many people make themselves unhappy by comparing themselves to others who seem better off. They think that the other people are:

  • Richer
  • Better-looking
  • More popular
  • Luckier

I'll ...

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